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    Shungite Polished EMF Protection Pyramid

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    A beautiful handmade Shungite Polished Pyramid direct from source. Huge protection radius and guaranteed genuine. Please select either 5cm, 10cm or 15cm height.

    Shungite is known to be one of the most effective means against EMF which surrounds us in our daily life due to the advent of electronic devices.

    Just imagine all the cell phones, computers, fridges, TV sets, tablets you use every day and realize how much you put yourself at risk. Shungite in the form of a pyramid is known to be most effective in terms of its protective properties against EMF.

    The pyramid shape has been popular since the appearance of human beings due to its magical properties having huge influence on everything around it. Thus, placing such an item at your home, working place contributes a lot to your healthy living.

    First of all it protects you form EMF. Secondly, it strengthens your body energetic and bio fields bringing you internal harmony and tranquility. Putting it near your bed makes you sleep better and relieves rheumatic and spinal pains.

    Shungite pyramids have a perfect effect in the atmosphere of nervousness and conflict. Thus, it can bring a better relationship in your family and at work too.




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