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    Rich Hydrogen Water Generator

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    Rechargeable Portable Touch Control Hydrogen Water Maker OEM Rich Hydrogen Water Generator

    What is Hydrogen water?

    Hydrogen water namely means "the water be rich"

    For a long time, biologists agree that hydrogen is physiologically inert gas, hydrogen itself is one of the most natural antioxidants. Hydrogen water has a strong reduction function, neutralizes the blood and the cells of reactive oxygen species (radicals).
    Hydrogen-rich water has more than all the vitamins A,C,E, green tea and other antioxidants know to man, the negative potential to achieve -300mv, comprehensive removal of human malignant reactive oxygen species (free radicals) occurs. 
    Why we need the hydrogen water machine?

    *The role of hydrogen-rich water on the human body:

    Active hydrogen neutralize the radical infiltration, improve blood circulation, activation of human cells, anti-aging, enhance immunity, increase live cells that promote digestion and excretion, to improve gastrointestinal function. 
    Hydrogen-rich water for :

    *Health groups
    *People who often stay up late, life stress, irregular life
    *people who want to stay young
    *the preferences of people drinking and having lavish meals
    *Regular exercise groups
    *pregnant women
    *low immune patients
    Product Specification:
    Hydrogen water bottle
    Applicable Water temperature
    Rich Hydrogen Solubility
    Negative Potential
    Ion Exchange Membrane
    Dupont wet film
    φ30.5 titanium platinum
    Full electrolysis Electrolysis Time
    15 times or more
    Power Adaptor
    AC220V 50Hz/5V 1A
    Battery Capacity
     Charging time
    Rechargeable Portable Touch Control Hydrogen Water Maker OEM Rich Hydrogen Water Generator
    Packing Details:
    Single item Single package size: 7.2X7.2X22.4 cm Single gross weight:0.88 kg Package Type: Standard Carton, Neutral packing: 1pc/color box

    Delivery Details:
    * We will ship the goods within 3 days of your payment.
    * We use DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS Express or other (air / sea) shipping delivery.
    * The logistics tracking number will be provided to you.
    * If there is any problem with the shipment, we will work with you to solve any problems.

    This item comes from our Japanese site, where it has been made, quality checked and approved.



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