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    Nettle Leaf Nutritive

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    The word Spagyric is derived from the Greek words “Spao” and “Agerio” meaning "to separate and reunite" and was first introduced by Paracelsus.

    In simple terms the spagyric approach means to separate the three essentials from the plant material, purifying them and in the final stage to recombine them.
    minerals /body / salts
    active constituents  /soul / sulfur
    ethanol / spirit / mercury                                               
    This means that everything un-essential is being removed and only the active plant components are left in the final product.                                                   
    One crucial part in the preparation of a spagyric preparation is the extraction of the so called plant minerals once the solvent extraction has been completed. These minerals are obtained in a process called calcination and are composed of mainly potassium carbonate and trace minerals in varying proportions(depending on the plant used). The purified salts are then reacted with the soul and the spirit in an alchemical process using modern lab equipment to merge with the active plant constituents creating a esterification.

    Modern take on why spagyrics are manifold more powerful than regular extracts
    potassium carbonate is highly alkaline and thus through adding and reacting with the extract which will raise the ph level and going through the process of esterification will make the extract more bio-available.                                                          
    Our cells have a high affinity for potassium carbonate and will draw this mineral deep into our body – and with it the active plant constituents. Based on the fundaments of a long lineage of European Herbalism and the ancient arts of alchemy we dared to look for a modern and state of the art approach in producing and distributing plant extracts high in quality and potency. In our own in-house laboratory we managed to developed a sophisticated and yet simple way of producing strong and potent full spectrum plant extracts.

    Personal integrity is key to us and we aim to get a bit better and wiser with every passing day. The gradual development of our products and the decision to marked them took place in an organic way over the course of several years. It all started when we took responsibly over our own health and well-being.                                                                         
    Attracted by the wisdom of Mother Nature we looked into Wild Super Foods and into ways of integrating them into our daly routines. This lead us into the studies of alchemy, chemistry, herbalism, anatomy and botany. It is of great importance to us that all our raw materials come from sustainable, organic and trustworthy sources – whenever possible we aim to use small scale and wild harvested plants. Furthermore we are continuously looking to improve the quality of our sourced goods and our production process.

    In traditional western herbalism Nettle Leaves are praised for:
    -nutritive tonic
    -building and purifying blood
    -general detoxification
    -inflammation modulating                                              
    The nettle is famous for being one of the most nutritious plants in Western Herbalism and not only for its well-known iron content but for the richness of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. With an affinity for the blood the effect of the nettle would be primary there, where it not only builds blood but als supporting the liver to do so and to process metabolic waste for elimination.                    
    When it comes to detoxification of the body the nettle is said to be a master. Through its combination of actions as a diuretic and alterative, its opens up the channels of elimination and purges stagnated dampness out of the body at the same time brings in a vast spectrum of nutrients.    
    One major goal for the not to far future is to grow a big part of our raw materials in our own sanctuary to guaranty the best possible therapeutic and energetic effect of our extracts.



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