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    Magic Sleep Remedy

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    We now do a range of NONE alcoholic tinctures. We are very excited to finally bring this to you. We have searched for the right extraction method and finally we can now safely say we have a none alcoholic tincture with full constituent range.

    The process involves extraction

    1: alcohol extraction for full range extraction,
    2. Reducing this down to a menstruum paste,
    3. Extracting the paste with glycerine for a double extraction.

    The tincture is tested in clinical setting for 100% guaranteed none alcohol content and full range of herbal 'medicinal' constituent content.

    This extraction is a unique product you will find only with us.

    Californian poppy, to sooth and calm the whole system, to relieve and irritation.

    Passionflower, to calm a racing mind, mild sedative.

    Chamomile, to relax the body and give feelings of safety, relaxing the tension in the nervous system and soothing the gut.

    Lemonbalm, For reassurance, to soothe the nervous system, as a relaxant and to bring about a sense of calm.

    Alcohol free tincture. devised by Medical herbalists, children friendly.

    Sweet dreams

    ***Sourced from UK suppliers, medical grade (medical herbalists grade, constituent tested). Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases**



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