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    Magic Parasite Cleanse

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    wormwood, black walnut, thuja


    For a week-long clean 5 ml 3 x daily before meals, (first dose in the morning before eating), use till bottle runs out

    Maintenance dose 1-2ml 3 x daily

    ****Please note this tincture is extremely bitter and very powerful, please dilute with water if you find this hard to taste. (although some people do like the bitter effect neat).

    We also do a 420ml size for a longer cleanse,

    3 weeks on 1 week break then complete the final week

    ORGANIC wormwood Artemisia absinthum
    Black Walnut Juglans nigra
    Thuja occidentalis

    Very effective for Parasites this tincture brings together 3 of the most effective herbs for this together in a perfectly balanced formula
    please be aware this tincture is extremely strong and bitter.

    Herbal therapeutic action

    stimulate bile flow
    Ease stomach pain

    Aids in absorption of nutrients and a little taken before meals can help you absorb more into your body and prepare the stomach for efficient digestion
    Kills parasites and bacteria of the gut.
    eases gas
    strengthens the digestive wall


    Sesquiterpene lactones (Bitter!!) artabsin, anabsinthin, thujone, azulenes

    essential oils (thujone, is thujone, fenchone, Sabines, and pine), polysaccharides, water-soluble minerals, tannins.

    Juglans nigra

    Naphthaquinones (juglone), fixed oils, volatile oils, tannins

    please note due to popular request some ingredients may vary, we also do a (alcohol free) glycerine special extract which is child friendly.

    ***Sourced from UK, medical-grade (constituent tested by medical herbalists). Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases**



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